Friday, June 15, 2018

-Inside Outside-

June 15th, 2018

A lot of times we don’t know the outcome of the fight between in and out. Some say appearances are everything—in an unshallow tone. Others claim it’s what’s inside that counts. How many licks does it may never know. One thing we know for certain is that both are major keys. Presentation plus protection equals the best of both worlds. Underlying measurements marked up by sharpies for protection rise into an outer shell of definition that supersedes the cut and transcends into a chemical, covalent connection between product and consumer, courtesy of producer. Of course the director behind the scenes, cut.

Wait, are we still talking about Packaging? Packaging? Don’t talk about

Packaging is more than just cardboard and recycled material all glued together, it's about the precision, the coming together of materials, presentation, lines, aesthetics, and protection of what is inside the box to give you the durability and dependability to arrive safely to its destination. 

A&R Box Specializes in just all of the above that we described!

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